Sex Woman

Gender The Abyss

Orientation Demisexual

Hotchip Yes

Colour Greens


My boyfriend! ;3

Pokémon M-Aggron, Dusknoir, Ampharos etc

Starter Totodile

Tea Black




Flat white


Movies Avengers!

TV Twin Peaks, The Umbrella Academy, Wednesday

Books THGTTG, The Hunger Games (not Mockingjay), anything by Fyodor Dostoyevsky



Hardships & suffering with a hopeful ending

Dysfunctional families

Slice of life / character>plot focused stories

More info

I'm straight-forward and a lover of projects. I have a lot, many of which are yet to be revealed (possibly not ever)! I've been coding and designing for years and it's a huge passion of mine. My collection of sites are based off the old web, something that can never be replicated truly in these times. I'm very approachable and tolerant, so feel free talking to me. I love reading in my spare time, but I have so many projects I'm juggling I don't get to go through too many books!

I chose Artemisia because the name belongs to numerous distinguished female leaders throughout history and it's the name of a lovely plant family.

I am an advocate of sex-based rights and in general fairness, equity & equality for all; this includes keeping safe spaces for women and children. I'm also against other bigotry like homophobia such as denying sexuality being based on sex (impying it's a choice, conversion etc). I stand by facts and reality whilst believing others can live the way they wish to so long as it doesn't harm another. Do what you want, just don't be an asshole. Pretty standard stuff. Literally only putting this stuff here as a deterent because I don't want unsavoury people around. Alas, it's the internet!